I’m inspired.

So what gives with the name?  It’s really not that deep.  I gonna level with you, people…at the end of the day,  there is only a four foot shallow end to my pool.  Feel what I’m layin’ down?

Anywho, I have this ‘almost’ three year old, Jameson, who finds both bedtime and rules contemptible.  However, he loves the movie, ‘The Lorax’.  In fact, he has watched this so often I find myself randomly breaking out in song about ‘Thneedville’.  Also, I can no longer  imagine myself eating a marshmallow without saying: “I’m gonna eat this, but I’m highly offended by it!”  It aint right, people.  But since my mind has not matured much beyond the likes of a twelve year old boy, well it’s apropos.

Hence, ergo and forsooth… my inspiration:  This beast.  Jameson.  My rock star three year old.  It’s not fancy but it’s truth.

the lorax

You see there’s this odious character, Aunt Grizelda, in ‘The Lorax’ -like you care, right?-  She calls the Lorax a “giant furry peanut”.  Mystery solved.  Her character is clearly disgruntled.  We aren’t supposed to like her, but I think her hair that’s shaped like a giant pair of devil horn croissants is pretty neat.

aunt grizelda

Ok, so I lied.  It’s a bit more deep than that.  For the past two years I’ve been writing a novel…. I know, boring. ::feigns yawning::  But no really, I’m at the 230 page mark which doesn’t sound like much, but when you add in a healthy dose of procrastination, writer’s block and four rugrats, well let’s just say I get distracted.  My goal is 280 pages… I’m not sure why?  That number just “feels right”, but knowing me I will have to add more.  As I am complicated, I blame my mother (mostly).

While I’m plotting my successful writing career next play date… I think up things.  Things that make me giggle randomly at 3:30 am and annoy my spouse.  Thoughts that I need to write down – and up till now I only have  jotted them down on Facebook-.  Which is not a very adequate journalism tool, so here I am.  In other news,  I find it very flattering the amount of people who tell me I make them smile on any particular day with my silly Facebook shenanigans.  So thanks.

A good friend of mine, Dotti, -who is both old and wise, i kid- no really,  you know she’s old because no one names their kid Dorothy anymore.  I just love her, she’s gonna strangle me… ::ahem::  As I was saying, she always nags me when I see her, with the affectation of a true Bostonian accent:

“I told you, why don’t you listen to me, kid?!  You need to write those f*ckin thoughts down, cutie.  Why doesn’t anyone listen to me anymore?!” – as she points her hot pink fingernail toward my cowering mass.

She’s short and tiny but she’s a fireball…. she has inspired me.  Among others.

My dear friend, Ann, she has inspired me; as she is a dishrag.  She told me one day:

“I am going to have to block you from my Facebook or hide you on my news feed, because you post so much sometimes I can’t read what my other friends post.  You decide.”

To which I replied, “It is clear you don’t love me anymore.”  Now she has inspired me to stay off her news feed, due to her epic douchieness.  Do you feel the love?

So thanks to all my friends who inspire me to write.  Someday I will finish my book, right after I get off the internet.

3 Responses to I’m inspired.

  1. Old lady Dorothy says:

    You were spot on about me…BUT Cutie, you listen to me because as you once said: I am the smartest person you know! So , keep writing AND I DO expect a draft copy…Ta..La..La. 🙂

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